Wednesday, December 29, 2010

old and new pictures +selca+ootd+others ;)

hi guys!

omg this would be my 3rd or 4rth personal life blog update with some pictures!

i am really excited to share this pictures with you enjooy!

me and EGI

me and the shy RHOORHOO *i call her lulu* so cute

EGI is miiine XD

my *home wear* OOTD ^^

back to those days when my i still had my fringe short now its too long :(

my snacks..they are around 2 dollars? all in total? approximately ;P

imagine me with double eyelid, and no make up! yesh! this is how i look like, pretty scary XD but i like it! maybe someday i will have my double eyelid

*3 days before toeic exam, revising ...looked so serious XD

i kind of like this hair...maybe i should do a tutorial on how to get this hair XD

indian food in myeongdong! i think the name of the restaurant is called something with "agra?" i have no idea i lost the name card :( . anyways but overall the food was fantastic! for 10 dollar the whole set menu was great eventho i couldnt finish the dessert cos i was too full, but it was worth it!

flowers <3

EGI on strike! she's too cute *melts!

random photos..taken by my cousin

can you guys imagine i was the girl on the right? i was so tanned back then, i kinda miss my tanned skin actually cos now my skin is really pale :(.

see? from the picture above and now..its before and after.

anyways hope you guys enjoyed my blog photos update, if you guys request for more i will definetaly try to upload more pictures! new year is coming!




  1. Wow, I love your descriptions of your photos and such! You are so cute~ and I LOVE indian food!! Keep up the reviews, I'm excited to read them! :)

  2. thanks! ^^ i will update more on my personal life and others. i will be doing my reviews very soon so stay tune !

  3. WOW how can your skin look so pale right now?? i want to have such a white skin too, LOL