Thursday, December 23, 2010

the new IT Circle lenses in asia + (looking for a circle lenses shop for my blog and youtube sponsor)

new designs of circle lenses has come out..

and they are:
barbie bling lenses (that's what they called it in malaysia i am not sure the names from other online shop) *just like from the title it has a dimensional looking diamond cut pattern look on the lenses makes it look very sparkly and gives more dramatic dolly effect* if you like looking like a sparkly diamond on your eyes, these lenses are to go for. it has ranges of colours as well.
(i do not own this picture its a picture that i found them on google)

sugar candy lenses, they are very popular among jpop style and culture addict. these lenses has been worn by many gyaru model, like tsubasa masuwaka on her popteen magazine cover shoot. it looks very lovely and consists of 2 rings on the lenses, outer rings is black colour and the inner ring is depending on what colour you want.

max pure lenses has been a sensation on youtube many of youtube beauty gurus has raved alot about these lenses especially the max pure pink one, on how much it does not look very fake pink look and how natural it blends in to the natural eye colour.if you don't like a sparkly dolly eye effect like barbie diamond, these are to go for.

Check out the review done by: Jen from frmheadtotoe *done the review for the max pure pink*

last but not least, super nudy.
yes, super nudy are one of the most popular circle lenses in the business. eventhought they are not new designs compared to the max pure, diamond and candy doll series but they are still as popular as them. this lenses are sparkly as well, ofcourse with a diameter almost 15 mm. i have personally wore this before and they are really comfortable. i have tried the blue one, and could not wait to try on the pink one someday.



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  2. The first photo, I've seen them called the "forest" series, and the "barbie diamond" series~ They're not for me, but thanks to those other photos, I'm considering buy some of the Sugar Candy lenses. Any chance you have some photos of the other colours in the series?

  3. i am planning to post more, i will probably split it into part one and two ...
    so yeah thank you for commenting, and the lenses series in every online shop are different name so i conclude on the ones that are mentioned the most..., ^^
    i am planning to get the sugar candy one myself too <3 and some pink lenses ^^ to review