Saturday, December 18, 2010

Most wanted korean make up IT item for this year

Eventhough korean make up is known mostly for their BB cream invention but i highly recommend other beauty products as well..
many of beauty guru's on youtube has raved about lioele products, *eventhough mostly are sponsored but then again some of them are REALLY really good quality no joke about this, many of these products are not sold in a counter of a mall or beauty shop they are sold online in korea, considered as one of the IT products among korean make up artistes aswell.

lioele has ranges of great products such as their glowy pink and gold primer, it doesnt feel greasy or sticky on your face stays for very long and gives a glow that you like eventhough you already apply foundation it glows through the layering of your foundation. isnt it great?

aoart from the primer, this is also one of my IT item that i am dying to get *as soon as i get my salary i will buy them* help me~ dark circle concealer, if you like glowy and bright concealer these are to go for, many of youtube make up gurus have also raved about how smooth and non greasy it is.

now!~ my personal favourite is the apple sleeping pack BAVIPHAT for troubled skin, i got it as a tester and they works overnight! i had a very bad acnes (like one of those little acnes all over my left cheek) 3 months ago, and i applied this pack all over my face, the next day all the small pimples really went smoother and i feel like it was getting better! *will purchase them again, very good quality for a cheap priced pack*

SKIN 79 has been a sensation among youtubers, it is as good as it has been talked about the quality of the bb cream is very satisfying. the bb cream itself blends in well with many skin types,and pretty much cover your high pigmented areas.

the next one is tonymoly ice cream queen, one of these product is a sleeping pack, the other one is a day moisturising cream with a spf 20 if im not mistaken, personally one of my favourite because i always pay attention on how much spf contained in any product so this is a definetaly to go for, the cream looks very very snowy white, when you apply it on your face it feels like as if you are apply a whipped cream! *yuum* very soft but also gives a cold effect on your skin. this contains a little glowy highlighter affect , so if you like glitters and glowy highlighter as much as i do? then tony moly day cream spf 10 ice cream queen is good for you

last but not least, VOV castle dew eye pallette.
if you guys are wondering why VOV? why not etude house? i think etude house eye pallete or eyeshadows are fine, but i prefer vov thesedays because vov has certainly made a good come back releasing their new castle dew series products and it immediately made its name back to the top list of this year. their product is higly more reachable and more affordable than most of the products i have mentioned above, not to mention the eye pallete quality is just as good as their rival favourite youtube beauty guru under the name of "gracious glamours" has reviewed this product it means it has also catches the eye of beauty guru as well.

anyways...will do more about most wanted make up products if you like this post, maybe i should do PART1 and PART 2 ^^

thanks dolls!


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