Saturday, December 18, 2010

korean WINTER fashion and what you need to follow the style

korean winter fashion  does have ranges of its own classification, from girly look, sporty, casual, chic, or just high school girls look.

so lets just go through it one by one shall we?

teenage ullzzang winter fashion:

big oversized sweater is a must, under that you can choose to wear mini skirt or a shorts with a black leggings or winter stockings...,then you are good to go! *p.s: dont forget to wear make up aswell * winks

this style is more for grown up women but thesedays teenage girls are also wearing like this *the effect of korean hallyu dramas* handwarmer is a must if you are trying to achieve this look. short sleeve kitted sweater, long sleeves (if you like colours you can add it up to brighten the look) , along with plain white skinny jeans and ugg boots.

sporty young colourful winter fashion is also something that we should not just let it pass by, big winter jacket is a must! dont forget to buy them with hoodies you never know when it is going to snow ^^

*scandalicious RED knitted neck warmer? what do you guys call it? hehe*
in korea it is important to make one of your clothing item to stand out among other clothes that you are wearing this girl seriously know how to make her outfit stand out..five points for that! <3

casual look

chic look are also quite popular among college students, they are classy sophisticated but at the same time very sleek. what you need to get this look : big bag, dark colour mini dress, winter coat, black stockings, colour sublted flats, thats it and you are good to go!

hope you guys like this post as much as other post i have posted before..

thank you for reading

DISCLAIMER: i DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES except my own ideas in my writting thank you


  1. Neck warmer? I call it a muffler~

    I love Korean fashion, but unfortunately, my bust and hip size are a bit too large ;3;

  2. yesh muffler! i just remmember! lol nothing is impossible dear ^^ as long as u like the style why not right? <3

  3. The blue jacket (*big winter jacket*) is so cool <3
    Where can I buy this online ?
    Thx .
    - Heidi