Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Korean style *must haves*

DISCLAIMER: i DO NOT OWN THESE IMAGES *except the one with circle lenses below cos they are me *

styles never dies in korea, whether you have an edgy mature looking style to pink-a-holic style hair is generally the same it matter only what colour, how long, straight or wavy.

brown colour never go out of fashion, it has very very warm impression on college student, working women and even housewives! even amongst korean celebrities, actress and singer they often go on and off with brown colour..

if you think brown is not your colour, never under estimate the power of natural hair colour! (dark brown or black) it gives very very natural looking image and chic.

if you are one of those who are a risk taker love to have fun with your hair colour BLONDE is definetaly in! no one will stare at you if u are in korea (lol) but in other asian country blonde is also in right now for 2010-2011, stars like girl's generation jessica, sunny, and tiffany have experienced with these colour..!

stylish long and short hair!


girl's generation -jessica
T-ara jiyeon
girl's generation- yoona
new comer Miss-A suzy
sexy angelic smile, RAINBOW- jae kyung


straight black Miss-a MIN
burgundy short slightly wavy hair (tiffany snsd)
natural brown -t-ara boram


girl's generation jessica is known for her very sparkly eye make up..what we need to do is just add up a little sparkly glittery eye shadows in the inner corner of our eyes and also not forgetting! outer corner aswell <3
many has complimented jessica's milky porcelain skin, but let me tell you a secret! you can have them too! what you need is a pearly pink bb cream base, and a bb cream! done! you can also have fair glowy skin like hers and feel like a super star <3


in order to have a dolly eye look, we all must make our eyes look very very dramatic but not in an over the top way, but in a natural way, so there re plenty of fake natural looking eyelashes that are abit longer than our original lashes size and you can try them out 
 *i will not post the brands and what you guys should wear cos i sound like i am promoting those brands..i will be very honest if i havent tried them i wont be promoting them ^^

korean teenage girls loves the dramatic eye effect the bigger diameter of the lenses the better it is! they even have the 16 mm size one! i was really surprised because i have a monolid eyes so it would not be suitable with me because i have really small eyes but for other girls it probably be different...
and for the colours..
some high school girls loves to play with colour, but some just like to play with neutral ones ..

what i have tried 
dueba super nudy blue

omg my dark circles look so bad here i forgot to put on my concealer...>.<
i think this was the CK black circle lenses series from geo
this is the GEO brown twilight series, i got so many compliments for wearing this lenses they are gorgeous..i love how it blends it nicely with my black eye colour you guys should try them out aswell! ^^

 here are some more pictures for my brown twilight eyes close up:

like the effect? XP i will post more about my circle lenses later i am currently waiting for my max pure pink parcel to arrive hopefully it would be pretty on me! <3

love ya doolls!
will up date mooore mwah!


  1. jessica's makeup is so pretty!!! your twilight circle lenses are very pretty too!!!

  2. thank you ^^ im glad you like the korean style must haves post, i will post more about them too, i think i should do more on specified ullzzang corner ^^

    i have just purchased 3 pair of lenses will do a review about them on my utube channel and my blog so stay tune! ^^ <3