Sunday, December 12, 2010

international SWAP

hi guys, for those of you who wanted to do a swap with me for this month im so sorry but it's already taken,

i did mentioned earlier on my youtube channel on the comment box that on january is also open, but quickly one of my subscriber did asked me to do a swap with her. im so sorry i will open one for february but i wont open the session now because im also going to sit again for toeic exam (english proficiency exam for college or university qualification) and im abit busy with my online shop preaparation, going here and there trying to reach all the supplier for the shop..

but i will try to post as many videos as possible SOON!

i am really really excited for the swap with beautiful and lovely dolls from u.k and u.s on youtube!

cant wait to do it asap!

love ya!



  1. HI my name is Midori and Im sorry that i didnt comment on your video but i would like to do a swap with you i love korean things and i would love to swap with you i love you what's in my bag video it was cute so just posting for january so i hope we can swap please send me a email at if you want to.

  2. hi midori , where is your current country?
    i would love to do a swap but for this current month december is already closed but i will be available for january and february swap...,
    email me @
    will wait for the swap =)
    thanks love stay tune for more fashion blog ^^
    i will be doing a giveaway on january on my utube will post the details on my blog as well...^^