Monday, December 13, 2010

international late reply swap messages


i have just got few more messages people wanting to do a swap with me, I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY
but the problem is i couldnt do at the same month as the offered like i couldnt send it over to them on the month they asked so i asked them whther they want to send the swap in advance and i will send it over to them on the next month cos i am pretty much broke right now, and i need to work hard to do a swap for this month and next month on my part time job =(

And i have got a reply from graciousglamours or known as grace

and she is so sweet! i really like all of her video and she has similar style like mine love pink and glittery glowy make up as well, so check her videos out everyone! but unfortunately she told me that the swap is no longer available that's okay for me cos for her to reply just made me happy! ^^

i just couldnt wait to try on few stuffs my friend from youtube pick out from the u.s and the u.k
oh i asked my friend from the u.s to send it to advance cos i will be extremely busy on january wont be able to post a video cos i have college application deadline to catch up with and also my business will be starting from january this business thing has been really really stressing to me. i hope she doesnt misunderstood cos there are alot of swapper doing the same thing ^^

but still i love doing what i do and i just hope these cosmetics international online shopping goes well ^^

i have participated on ekimura and graciousglamours giveaway contest this month
and i hope i win them both ! lol if not either one would be just fantastic! ^^

-love love sunny-

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