Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ARE you guys ready for my giveaway blog sale?

hold on girls i am sure lots of you guys are already got yourself excited ;)

i am finally going to hold this blog sale, some of them is going to be what i have used but aren't suitable for myskin because i think it is too strong for me, i am usually okay with tony moly products but this time for the florida essence and skin emulsion is too strong for me i only used like 2 pumps drop for each product and i have not touched the product ever since they are still as good as new, and i will be reselling them. this is only for people who have paypal account. i am not saying this product is bad, but its just that does not fit my skin very well, and i tthink rather than keeping them in my make up table, i would rather sell it for someone who would want to get this and probably suitable for other skin. i have an oily skin so i think because of that it doesnt really suit me.

for the peripera bb cream, my skin has gone to tanned skin to really fair milky skin now and i bought this at one colour darker than normal korean bb cream. they are high coverage *trust me they are* and spf 50. so dont worry about being on the sun for long wearing this bb cream because it contains spf already.

rillakkuma stuffs are also going to be sold here! so stay tuned everyone! <3

for more details pls visit


love love sunny

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