Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my bestfriend's trip to korea

trip to lotte world..right infront of the ghost house waited for about 45 mins!

night light show in lotte world

bella with the booby cat! lol

had a fun day at yeonshinnae shopping and then hit the cake and tea!

the 3D scary movie

lol what r u doing nek? hahaha

bella after making a cute handmade cosmetic mirror for my grandma..so sweet of her =D

let me introduce u to LOTTY!!

delicious sweet cake!

bella and garfield at myeongdong

want some cake guys?

jooyeon,bella, and me at the que for namsan tower rail

so pretty isnt it, this is for lovers they hang it up to leave their memories in namsan so that when they come back in few years they could see what they write whether that wish finally came true or not, me i wrote for myself *since i dont have bf * and my future career,while bella she wrote something for her boyfriend aww so sweet

bella writting so serious....lol

one of my masterpiece picture i took for bella..@bella: nek! u better thank me for taking this lol

bella and her little tile

bella wrote this for her bf..*aduh why am i showing this? lol its ok it does looks cook, next year will bring my own there hahaha

little tile lovers put on the wall and wrote all kinds of love messages to each other

since its okay to write on the tile wall me and bella decided to write out bff-ship

bella, me and my cousin's friend at namsan tower...*About to go home

ok!part one is finished will upload the part 2 soon!

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