Tuesday, October 12, 2010

even clowns cry...

the reason and meaning behind one little tear drop drawing on every clown we see thesedays...:

eventhough they are sad and depressed they will entertain people and make them happy

see people? this is why we should not hate clowns..they are people too, they do this for a living. everytime we laugh at clowns trick and funny gestures im sure their heart start to break into pieces because they themselves couldnt make their own life happy..

and also one more...thing, the reason why they only draw one tear is because it will be the last tear before they die...*so touching ....* ='(

so clowns ...today's post is dedicated to you ^^

so dont hate them people, they might just be the most nicest people you meet ^^

go clowns! =D

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