Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bella trip to korea part 2!

this is actually written by another indonesian named bella, but thanks to her, bella doesnt have to write anymore...lol

me and bella with our padlocks
on the way to namsan tower we could get a little glimpse of it already!

the cable car

trust me what u see from picture is not as good as from what you see with your own eyes..it was breathtaking..the night view of namsan tower is the best

bella and her locks

nek u better thank me for another good shot i took for ya! lol $5 ! kidding

say kimchii!or say souur!

we were so hungry after the namsan tour so we decided to have dinner ..BIG one

cannot eat without makgolli...! lol...introducing bella to korean drinks *rice wine*

bulgogi and bibimbap yuuum!

end of bella's korea visit photos.....

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