Wednesday, December 29, 2010

old and new pictures +selca+ootd+others ;)

hi guys!

omg this would be my 3rd or 4rth personal life blog update with some pictures!

i am really excited to share this pictures with you enjooy!

me and EGI

me and the shy RHOORHOO *i call her lulu* so cute

EGI is miiine XD

my *home wear* OOTD ^^

back to those days when my i still had my fringe short now its too long :(

my snacks..they are around 2 dollars? all in total? approximately ;P

imagine me with double eyelid, and no make up! yesh! this is how i look like, pretty scary XD but i like it! maybe someday i will have my double eyelid

*3 days before toeic exam, revising ...looked so serious XD

i kind of like this hair...maybe i should do a tutorial on how to get this hair XD

indian food in myeongdong! i think the name of the restaurant is called something with "agra?" i have no idea i lost the name card :( . anyways but overall the food was fantastic! for 10 dollar the whole set menu was great eventho i couldnt finish the dessert cos i was too full, but it was worth it!

flowers <3

EGI on strike! she's too cute *melts!

random photos..taken by my cousin

can you guys imagine i was the girl on the right? i was so tanned back then, i kinda miss my tanned skin actually cos now my skin is really pale :(.

see? from the picture above and now..its before and after.

anyways hope you guys enjoyed my blog photos update, if you guys request for more i will definetaly try to upload more pictures! new year is coming!



Tuesday, December 28, 2010


hi everyone!

sorry for not posting for few weeks, i am thinking of doing another fashion blogging but i havent been able to do it for this couple of weeks. there are slightly a new turn on my school application just want to let you all know, that i might not be schooling in korea. i would be schooling in other country. I could not tell you where i am planning to apply, like the possible country im going to. cos if i tell you all in advance normally they wont happen *being superstitious* just something i always had with me, everytime i tell my friends my plan or tell many people it always never come true..

but dont worry as soon as i get my ticket *which is SOON in one month* i will let you all know about it.
I'm pretty excited right now *only for few minutes* cos most of the time would be stressing for my pre college tuition. such a hassle.

i wonder why school tuition have to be so expensive..., oh fyi i my parents wont be paying for my tuition...this is why i am really having a huge headache right now.

anyways enough from the pre college funding drama...i have finished my TOEIC exam! yaay! finally, i finished the exam. this time people who sat for this test were not that many. so the class was pretty quiet.

which is better cos i could concentrate.

sooo~~~ how was your xmas celebration guys? my xmas celebration were just cake, and candies. since i did not get any present it was a plain boring xmas.

but i am 100% sure you guys had a blast ^^. got alot of pressies right? hihi tell me what you all got for xmas, drop the comment okies?

anyways..gotta sleep! nite nite PPYONG PPYONG (kiss kiss -in korea slang)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the new IT Circle lenses in asia + (looking for a circle lenses shop for my blog and youtube sponsor)

new designs of circle lenses has come out..

and they are:
barbie bling lenses (that's what they called it in malaysia i am not sure the names from other online shop) *just like from the title it has a dimensional looking diamond cut pattern look on the lenses makes it look very sparkly and gives more dramatic dolly effect* if you like looking like a sparkly diamond on your eyes, these lenses are to go for. it has ranges of colours as well.
(i do not own this picture its a picture that i found them on google)

sugar candy lenses, they are very popular among jpop style and culture addict. these lenses has been worn by many gyaru model, like tsubasa masuwaka on her popteen magazine cover shoot. it looks very lovely and consists of 2 rings on the lenses, outer rings is black colour and the inner ring is depending on what colour you want.

max pure lenses has been a sensation on youtube many of youtube beauty gurus has raved alot about these lenses especially the max pure pink one, on how much it does not look very fake pink look and how natural it blends in to the natural eye colour.if you don't like a sparkly dolly eye effect like barbie diamond, these are to go for.

Check out the review done by: Jen from frmheadtotoe *done the review for the max pure pink*

last but not least, super nudy.
yes, super nudy are one of the most popular circle lenses in the business. eventhought they are not new designs compared to the max pure, diamond and candy doll series but they are still as popular as them. this lenses are sparkly as well, ofcourse with a diameter almost 15 mm. i have personally wore this before and they are really comfortable. i have tried the blue one, and could not wait to try on the pink one someday.



Hi my lovely dolls

this wont be anything about my fashion related post, but i am really happy *super duper happy* to wish all of you gorgeous girls MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

me and my favourite all time cartoon character stitch are wishing you this! <3
hope you have a great celebration with your loved ones,
and please continue liking my blog, reading them and posting more and more comments

i am more than happy to reply your comments ofcourse.
anyways for those who have winter during their christmas dont forget to wear warm clothes whenever you go out okay? and mufflers too...

anyways happy holiday guys!

love ya


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ARE you guys ready for my giveaway blog sale?

hold on girls i am sure lots of you guys are already got yourself excited ;)

i am finally going to hold this blog sale, some of them is going to be what i have used but aren't suitable for myskin because i think it is too strong for me, i am usually okay with tony moly products but this time for the florida essence and skin emulsion is too strong for me i only used like 2 pumps drop for each product and i have not touched the product ever since they are still as good as new, and i will be reselling them. this is only for people who have paypal account. i am not saying this product is bad, but its just that does not fit my skin very well, and i tthink rather than keeping them in my make up table, i would rather sell it for someone who would want to get this and probably suitable for other skin. i have an oily skin so i think because of that it doesnt really suit me.

for the peripera bb cream, my skin has gone to tanned skin to really fair milky skin now and i bought this at one colour darker than normal korean bb cream. they are high coverage *trust me they are* and spf 50. so dont worry about being on the sun for long wearing this bb cream because it contains spf already.

rillakkuma stuffs are also going to be sold here! so stay tuned everyone! <3

for more details pls visit

love love sunny

Sunday, December 19, 2010

omg i am soo random

hi guys this post will be nothing about my style review or something like that but this will be about my complete stupidness that i just realised it today! i forgot that i was adding a song on my blog and i forgot i removed my layout html i was like no wonder i could not see the pink layout for like 2 days, i thought there was something wrong with the blogger web, but oopsie i finally remmember that i removed the html copy and replaced it with my mp3 player on my blogger web, so ooopsie my bad.

anyways will be posting about korean style and fashion more so stay tune doolls!!

love ya have a great weekdays!!
fighting!! <3

Saturday, December 18, 2010

korean WINTER fashion and what you need to follow the style

korean winter fashion  does have ranges of its own classification, from girly look, sporty, casual, chic, or just high school girls look.

so lets just go through it one by one shall we?

teenage ullzzang winter fashion:

big oversized sweater is a must, under that you can choose to wear mini skirt or a shorts with a black leggings or winter stockings...,then you are good to go! *p.s: dont forget to wear make up aswell * winks

this style is more for grown up women but thesedays teenage girls are also wearing like this *the effect of korean hallyu dramas* handwarmer is a must if you are trying to achieve this look. short sleeve kitted sweater, long sleeves (if you like colours you can add it up to brighten the look) , along with plain white skinny jeans and ugg boots.

sporty young colourful winter fashion is also something that we should not just let it pass by, big winter jacket is a must! dont forget to buy them with hoodies you never know when it is going to snow ^^

*scandalicious RED knitted neck warmer? what do you guys call it? hehe*
in korea it is important to make one of your clothing item to stand out among other clothes that you are wearing this girl seriously know how to make her outfit stand out..five points for that! <3

casual look

chic look are also quite popular among college students, they are classy sophisticated but at the same time very sleek. what you need to get this look : big bag, dark colour mini dress, winter coat, black stockings, colour sublted flats, thats it and you are good to go!

hope you guys like this post as much as other post i have posted before..

thank you for reading

DISCLAIMER: i DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES except my own ideas in my writting thank you

Most wanted korean make up IT item for this year

Eventhough korean make up is known mostly for their BB cream invention but i highly recommend other beauty products as well..
many of beauty guru's on youtube has raved about lioele products, *eventhough mostly are sponsored but then again some of them are REALLY really good quality no joke about this, many of these products are not sold in a counter of a mall or beauty shop they are sold online in korea, considered as one of the IT products among korean make up artistes aswell.

lioele has ranges of great products such as their glowy pink and gold primer, it doesnt feel greasy or sticky on your face stays for very long and gives a glow that you like eventhough you already apply foundation it glows through the layering of your foundation. isnt it great?

aoart from the primer, this is also one of my IT item that i am dying to get *as soon as i get my salary i will buy them* help me~ dark circle concealer, if you like glowy and bright concealer these are to go for, many of youtube make up gurus have also raved about how smooth and non greasy it is.

now!~ my personal favourite is the apple sleeping pack BAVIPHAT for troubled skin, i got it as a tester and they works overnight! i had a very bad acnes (like one of those little acnes all over my left cheek) 3 months ago, and i applied this pack all over my face, the next day all the small pimples really went smoother and i feel like it was getting better! *will purchase them again, very good quality for a cheap priced pack*

SKIN 79 has been a sensation among youtubers, it is as good as it has been talked about the quality of the bb cream is very satisfying. the bb cream itself blends in well with many skin types,and pretty much cover your high pigmented areas.

the next one is tonymoly ice cream queen, one of these product is a sleeping pack, the other one is a day moisturising cream with a spf 20 if im not mistaken, personally one of my favourite because i always pay attention on how much spf contained in any product so this is a definetaly to go for, the cream looks very very snowy white, when you apply it on your face it feels like as if you are apply a whipped cream! *yuum* very soft but also gives a cold effect on your skin. this contains a little glowy highlighter affect , so if you like glitters and glowy highlighter as much as i do? then tony moly day cream spf 10 ice cream queen is good for you

last but not least, VOV castle dew eye pallette.
if you guys are wondering why VOV? why not etude house? i think etude house eye pallete or eyeshadows are fine, but i prefer vov thesedays because vov has certainly made a good come back releasing their new castle dew series products and it immediately made its name back to the top list of this year. their product is higly more reachable and more affordable than most of the products i have mentioned above, not to mention the eye pallete quality is just as good as their rival favourite youtube beauty guru under the name of "gracious glamours" has reviewed this product it means it has also catches the eye of beauty guru as well.

anyways...will do more about most wanted make up products if you like this post, maybe i should do PART1 and PART 2 ^^

thanks dolls!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Korean style *must haves*

DISCLAIMER: i DO NOT OWN THESE IMAGES *except the one with circle lenses below cos they are me *

styles never dies in korea, whether you have an edgy mature looking style to pink-a-holic style hair is generally the same it matter only what colour, how long, straight or wavy.

brown colour never go out of fashion, it has very very warm impression on college student, working women and even housewives! even amongst korean celebrities, actress and singer they often go on and off with brown colour..

if you think brown is not your colour, never under estimate the power of natural hair colour! (dark brown or black) it gives very very natural looking image and chic.

if you are one of those who are a risk taker love to have fun with your hair colour BLONDE is definetaly in! no one will stare at you if u are in korea (lol) but in other asian country blonde is also in right now for 2010-2011, stars like girl's generation jessica, sunny, and tiffany have experienced with these colour..!

stylish long and short hair!


girl's generation -jessica
T-ara jiyeon
girl's generation- yoona
new comer Miss-A suzy
sexy angelic smile, RAINBOW- jae kyung


straight black Miss-a MIN
burgundy short slightly wavy hair (tiffany snsd)
natural brown -t-ara boram


girl's generation jessica is known for her very sparkly eye make up..what we need to do is just add up a little sparkly glittery eye shadows in the inner corner of our eyes and also not forgetting! outer corner aswell <3
many has complimented jessica's milky porcelain skin, but let me tell you a secret! you can have them too! what you need is a pearly pink bb cream base, and a bb cream! done! you can also have fair glowy skin like hers and feel like a super star <3


in order to have a dolly eye look, we all must make our eyes look very very dramatic but not in an over the top way, but in a natural way, so there re plenty of fake natural looking eyelashes that are abit longer than our original lashes size and you can try them out 
 *i will not post the brands and what you guys should wear cos i sound like i am promoting those brands..i will be very honest if i havent tried them i wont be promoting them ^^

korean teenage girls loves the dramatic eye effect the bigger diameter of the lenses the better it is! they even have the 16 mm size one! i was really surprised because i have a monolid eyes so it would not be suitable with me because i have really small eyes but for other girls it probably be different...
and for the colours..
some high school girls loves to play with colour, but some just like to play with neutral ones ..

what i have tried 
dueba super nudy blue

omg my dark circles look so bad here i forgot to put on my concealer...>.<
i think this was the CK black circle lenses series from geo
this is the GEO brown twilight series, i got so many compliments for wearing this lenses they are gorgeous..i love how it blends it nicely with my black eye colour you guys should try them out aswell! ^^

 here are some more pictures for my brown twilight eyes close up:

like the effect? XP i will post more about my circle lenses later i am currently waiting for my max pure pink parcel to arrive hopefully it would be pretty on me! <3

love ya doolls!
will up date mooore mwah!